Nutraceuticals solutions for On Farm application specifically

Effective, functionality based solutions
designed to maintain and improve animal performance

With the Veterinarians for the Producer


Challenges and solutions 


Challenges and solutions 


Challenges and solutions  

Innovad® Laboratories has integrated its know-how and deep understanding
of specific component modes of action into series of solutions designed for on-farm use
to address the challenges that producers and veterinarians are confronted with daily.

Solutions that do not only fix the ongoing health and performance problems,
but also contribute to a better result and well-being.

Powerful, effective and flexible SOLUTION via DRINKING WATER


Novicid® ES L

Cleans and disinfects drinking water

Novion® S L

Powerful 3-way action
on quality of water and
gut health

Enhance productivity

Vitalite ADE

Vitalite E+Se

Vitalite Plus

Vitalite S

Tracelite Ions

Vitalite Tonic

Vitalite Plus LM

Water soluble nutritional supplements

Novyrate® EB L 

Water soluble esterified butyrins

Natural Solutions

Aflorin® Liva L

Herbal extracts that protect the liver.

Aflorin® BFL 

Natural concept to combat oxidative stress

Aflorin® P L  

The ultimate aid for respiratory stress

Efficient Protection

Novitech® Y L 

Enhances the maturity of the immune system in the animal

Escent® L 

Easy and essential for mycotoxin control, support and prevention

Lumance® L   

Intestinal health solution to lower medication costs

SYRINGES and GELS – specific individually-dosed nutraceuticals

Enhance productivity

Vitalite Energy Piglet 

First day energy for piglets to enhance productivity

Vitalite Energy Chick  

Innovation on day-old chick nutrition boost

Efficient Protection

Novyrate® Piglets 

Gut conditionner & anti-diarrhea for piglets

Novyrate® Calves 

Gut conditionner & anti-diarrhea for calves

All based on natural, harmless components, seeking synergistic and holistic effects.