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Vitalite supplements
Water soluble supplements

Vitalite is a water soluble supplement that is formulated to provide the needed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients for optimum performance. The unique combinations of these nutrients ensure efficient production.

Vitalite helps animals recover from diseases and stress. It encourages feed and water intake which gives a nutritional boost for better health and performance.

Vitalite ADE

Vitalite ADE is a combination of fat soluble vitamins  that are easily absorbable with very easy application in drinking water. Vitalite ADE is recommended for minimizing the effects of stress during vaccination, moving/transport and abrupt changes in weather conditions.
Vitamin A is needed for growth and development, supported by Vitamin D for proper bone formation. Vitamin E also gives extra stamina for fast growing animals. It also prevents cell damage in muscles, heart, testes, liver and nerves.

Vitalite ADE combines solubility and absorbability to deliver the needed vitamins for your animals. It is also recommended for fast growing and highly productive animals. 

Vitalite E+SE

Vitalite E+Se is a duo vitamin for immune boost that reduces the damage of infections. Selenium increases the immune response. Higher selenium in blood increases the killing ability of the immune system against pathogens and is therefore better able to resist diseases. The added Vitamin E as tandem vitamin reduces the oxidative damage during this killing response of the immune system. Vitalite E+Se is a good combination of antioxidant and immune action to revitalize the animal before and after infection or vaccination.

Vitalite E+SE for foreseen vaccination program and disease challenge in the area. 

Vitalite Plus

Vitalite Plus provides optimum protein nutrition for farm animals with minimum ammonia production. Amino acid in water gives an easy source of limiting amino acids for productive animals. It also maintains the size of eggs at the peak of production in layers.

Vitalite Plus is a balanced mixture of amino acids and vitamins that has a sparing effect on essential amino acids. These amino acids will be used for growth and production. 

This also reduces ammonia production inside the gut and further improves health and performance.

Vitalite S / Vitalite Plus LM

A superior way to correct growth lag and production drop. The lag or drop in production can be due to stress or a bottle neck in nutrition. In order to continually achieve the desired result and optimum genetic potential of the animal, Vitalite S/Vitalite Plus LM can easily be given to animals to attain better results.

Vitalite S / Vitalite Plus LM balances the limiting factor of nutrition by supplementing amino acids, vitamins and micronutrients in order to  continually grow and produce.

Tracelite Ions

Tracelite Ions is an oral rehydrating formula fortified with vitamins, energy and electrolytes for maximum absorption and retention of water.  It replaces the lost fluids and electrolytes during hot weather conditions, wet litter, diarrhea and vomiting. It prevents shock and mortality due to electrolyte imbalance. Vitamins and minerals are added to strengthen the animals and to recover  from low intake.

Tracelite Ions helps the animals to maintain their physiological pH, facilitates nutrient exchange mechanism. It also optimizes energy utilization of animals during challenging situations such as diarrhea, heat stress, weaning, wet droppings and during transport.

Tracelite Ions is a perfect combination of electrolytes, vitamins and energy for optimum performance!


Vitalite Tonic

Vitalite Tonic is a liver protection and liver boosting solution. The liver is a multi-tasking organ involved in metabolism, storage, secretion and detoxification. As the central organ for bioprocessing, keeping the liver at its top productive capacity also means optimum performance. 

Vitalite Tonic is a practical and through-drinking-water approach that supports the liver in its highly demanding task. 

Dosage and application