Natural Solutions

Aflorin® P L
The ultimate aid for respiratory stress

Essential oils are mixtures of compounds that are characterized by their capacity to generate flavour or
aroma and are generally obtained from spices, aromatic herbs, fruits, and flowers. Analysis of essential oils shows that, of the different constituent compounds, terpenoids are the most abundant and are present as either hemiterpenes, monoterpenes or sesquiterpens and as their derivatives.

Aflorin PL benefits:

  • Improves respiration and air passage.
  • Reduces mucus accumulation and discharge 
out of respiratory cavities.
  • Reduces the negative effects of disease 
as well as quick recovery.
  • Reduces stress and loss of valuable feed intake.
  • Improves resistance to all respiratory infections.
  • Reduces the negative effect and stress 
due to live vaccination.
  • Improves survivability and reduces mortality.

Composition of Aflorin® PL

Dosage and application

By coarse spray 200 ml / 10 liter of water,
sprayed for 20000 chicks/starters.
Ideally application should be twice a day.