Water Hygiene

Novicid® ES L

Novicid® ES L is a well-balanced and highly concentrated mixture of organic and inorganic acids, with antimicrobial activity in drinking water through the reduction of pH.  Due to its balanced formulation, it contributes to a quick pH drop of the drinking water, resulting in a strong sanitizing effect and economical application.

Formic acid and its salts, propionic acid, phosphoric acid, sorbic acid and surfactants.

pH reduction by Novicid® ES L


  • Efficient pH reduction 
  • Broad range antibacterial effect
  • Improved hygienic quality
  • Digestive support
  • Balanced intestinal flora
  • Liquid feed preservation
  • Stimulation of water and feed intake
  • Key of on-farm prevention program
  • Complementary to chlorination

Drinking Water – poultry application