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Aflorin® BF L
Natural concept to combat oxidative stress

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are formed by cellular respiratory activity.  As a result of incomplete reduction  of oxygen, ROS are a very aggressive molecules, ready
to damage the important metabolic process. Especially  tissue organs with a high metabolic rate are susceptible
to significant levels of ROS. Ideally these free radicals  are neutralized by the body’s own anti-oxidant systems.

Oxidative stress results from an imbalance between levels of antioxidants and reactive oxygen species. Oxidative stress occurs when the equilibrium is upset by excess levels of reactive oxygen species or depletion of antioxidant defenses.

Research for new bio-efficient antioxidants has particularly focused on natural antioxidants to respect the consumer concerns over safety and toxicity. Grape seeds and by-products of wine and green tea extracts processing provide an abundant source of flavonoids and polyphenols.

It has been reported that the antioxidant potential of grape seed extract is 20 and 50 times greater than vitamins E and C respectively, arising from increased levels of polyphenols.

AFLORIN®  BF  L is a unique formulation of water soluble source of polyphenols and powerful chelators, representing an efficient source of antioxidants, reinforcing the natural antioxidant defense system and offering a good tool to improve the aspect of meat quality.

Causes of oxidative stress are various:

  • Disease challenge (bacteria and viruses)
  • Mycotoxins
  • Fast growth
  • High metabolic demand
  • Heat stress
  • Oxidized fat
  • Dietary sources of free radicals
  • Hatching and transportation

Dosage and application