Over the last 30 years, poultry has been the fastest growing sector in animal production. Modern production, genetics improvements, nutrition requirements knowledge, change in antibiotic use, global trade of ingredients, consumers new requirements, accessible economical protein source for humans, all have shaped the industry towards new practices. This has challenged all involved – nutritionist, veterinarians, producers – to upgrade , update their way of doing things and pave the ground for exciting new emerging solutions relying less on medication.

Here are some of the issues and solutions
developed by Innovad® Laboratories :

  • Cleaning and disinfecting water (water hygiene)
  • Productivity Enhancement providing water soluble
    nutritional supplements
  • Leaky gut syndrome & intestine integrity
  • Liver protection with herbal extracts nutraceuticals
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Combat oxidative stress naturally
  • Fortify the immune system of the bird
  • Control stress in presence of toxin contamination
  • Chick day-old nutrition boost
  • Intestinal health solution to lower medication use and cost.

Poultry application