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Novyrate® EBL
Water soluble esterified butyrins

Esterified butyrins
are combined molecules composed
of a glycerol structure and butyrate molecules. The final result of the esterification is a combination of mono-, di- and tributyrins which act as a source of butyrate molecules in the intestinal tract.

Based on the molecule’s origin, it is easy to understand that these “fat-type” structures can only be digested in the presence of the digestive enzyme lipase. By definition, this guarantees full stomach bypass properties at the level of the stomach while being activated after pancreatic lipase has been added.

During the esterification process, it is of utmost importance that the reaction is controlled carefully in order to guarantee the desired stability of the product.

A correct catalyst, the right esterification speed and the final purification step need expertise and deep chemical knowledge. This results in a highly concentrated, pure and clear product with a high stability in time and during pelleting process, guaranteed without the typical smell of butyric acid.

Butyrate modes of action:

  • Stimulating growth of villi and micro-villi as preferred energy source 
  • Balancing microflora with selective control on pathogens and micro-organisms 
  • Reinforcing the intestinal defense by stimulating intestinal release of HDP (host defense peptides) 
  • Enhancing the intestinal barrier by facilitating tight junction assembly 
  • Protecting intestinal cells from bacterial invasion and translocation 
  • Acting as a signaling molecule 
  • Protecting from oxidative stress by decreasing oxidative injury of tissues 
  • Potent anti-inflammatory effect and positively affecting the immune system 
  • Limiting the invasiveness of salmonella by reducing its colonization
  • Reducing incidence of necrotic enteritis

Key features and benefits of mono-esters:

Different forms of esters have different activities and benefits. Esters are not pH dependent (like organic acids).

  • pH stable 
    ( + passes the stomach & crop)
  • Small molecule 
    (+ easy uptake by bacteria leading to internal hydrolysis and effective anti-bacterial activity)
  • 1 side chain only
    (+ escape from endogenous lipase)
  • Uptake in the bloodstream
    (+ action within the whole metabolism)
  • Water soluble

Novyrate® EB L is: 

  • Liquid
  • 100% H2O-soluble
  • With NO smell
  • Non-corrosive (not ADR)

Dosage and application