Innovad® Laboratories

Innovad® Laboratories is dedicating its time every day to providing animal producers with advanced solutions based on functional ingredients and specific approaches that cater to the needs of the animals, in a natural non-medicated way.

Solutions that do not only fix the ongoing health and performance problems, but also contribute to a better result and well-being.

Innovad® Laboratories has integrated its know-how and deep understanding of specific component modes of action into series of solutions designed for on-farm use to address the challenges that producers and veterinarians are confronted with daily.

All based on natural, harmless components, seeking synergistic and holistic effects.

The problems addressed are :


  1. Cleaning and disinfecting water (water hygiene)
  2. Productivity Enhancement providing water soluble nutritional supplements
  3. Leaky gut syndrome & intestine integrity
  4. Liver protection with herbal extracts nutraceuticals
  5. Respiratory disorders
  6. Combat oxidative stress naturally
  7. Fortify the immune system of the bird
  8. Control stress in presence of toxin contamination
  9. Chick day-old nutrition boost
  10. Intestinal health solution to lower medication use and cost.
  11. First day energy source for piglets
  12. Gut conditioner & anti-diarrhea