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Novyrate Piglets

Gut conditioner for piglets

Diarrhea is a common cause of mortality in piglets and is closely associated with a stressful environment, inappropriate husbandry, poor hygiene and feeding factors. Data on the prevalence of diarrhea showed that 15 – 30% of piglets are affected. Despite a high focus on controlling diarrhea, mostly with antibiotics, diarrhea occurrence remains high. Diarrhea is responsible for important economic losses due to mortality, morbidity and inefficient growth. 

Pathophysiology of diarrhea

Osmotic diarrhea
Poorly absorbed solutes pull water into the intestinal lumen. It can develop from maldigestion and an insufficient digestive capacity of the animal.

Secretory diarrhea
Overstimulation of the intestinal tract’s secretory capacity. This is characterized by large feces volume, absence of fever and persistence of diarrhea. A number of secretory stimuli can cause this type of diarrhea. These include bacterial enterotoxins and inflammatory mediators.

Exudative diarrhea
The intestinal epithelium’s barrier function is compromised by loss of epithelial cells or disruption of tight junctions. Lymphatics will secrete water and electrolytes, mucus and proteins luminally.  Some viruses invade the intestinal epithelium, causing enterocyte destruction, inflammation, villus atrophy and crypt hypertrophy.

Motility disturbance
Increased and decreased motility can cause diarrhea. Irritation of the gut increases motility. Irritation can be caused by some feed ingredients. A decrease in motility can cause bacterial overgrowth.

Antibiotics become a fast relief to treat diarrhea but the effectivity of antibiotics is always in question. Not just because of resistance, but also persistence of diarrhea can be caused by proliferation of other organisms such as Coccidia and Clostridium. Additionally, endotoxins remain systemically after antibiotic treatment so that recovery is not immediate.

With an understanding on the pathophysiology of diarrhea, Innovad® Laboratories offers an oral paste that treats diarrhea and speeds up recovery.

Dosage and application

  • Introduce the syringe in the piglet’s mouth and pump 3 – 6 ml.
  • Administer to piglets with diarrhea or starting signs of diarrhea.
  • Administer daily for 3 consecutive days.
  • Novyrate® Piglet is beneficial in case of signs of digestive upset, but also preventive during critical periods like weaning and feeding transition.
  • Before use or extension of use, contact your Innovad® Laboratories representative for specific advice.
  • Can also be used for ducklings, turkeys and layer chicks.

Novyrate Piglets

Is a unique gut conditioner to prevent and hasten relief from diarrhea: increased villi proliferation, reduced intestinal inflammation and adsorption of toxins stop the progression of diarrhea and support animal recovery.


Every single dose will supply
essential active components:

Natural anti-bacterial agents

  • Organic acids for antibacterial action.
  • Synergy with MCFA, for enhanced bacterial cell wall
    permeability and increased pathogens killing action.
  • Villi proliferation and faster recovery.

Herb extracts blend

  • Polyphenols that protect the enterocytes from
    further damage.
  • Essential oils that reduce inflammation and hypersecretion of gut.
  • Active ingredients that support clearance of endotoxins through the liver, thus faster recovery from fever and inappetence.

Adsorptive ingredients

  • Exotoxin adsorption to prevent further villi damage and to stop enteric overstimulation.


  • Highly absorbable and immediately metabolisable energy sources that give needed energy in periods of low feed intake.

In order to effectively rescue the animal
from the negative effects of diarrhea,
Novyrate® Piglet was formulated
by Innovad® Laboratories to address
the different pathophysiology of diarrhea