Efficient Protection

Novyrate® Calf

Gut conditioner for calves

The profitability of dairy farms has been put under pressure due to volatile milk prices and increased feed costs. For a long time, the importance of raising a calf was underestimated. However, for some years the value of a heifer with the calving age of 24-27 months and a high lifetime performance are undisputed. The main challenge with growing calves is the occurrence of diarrhea. Antibiotic treatment does not always cure but puts pressure on the natural defense system. Novyrate® Calf has been developed as a gut conditionner to strengthen the innate immune system for a calf’s long term development.





Pathophysiology of diarrhea


Viral infections are caused by three mechanisms:


  • Microvilli lose part of their functionality. This reduces the disaccharidase activity in the gut, followed by increased osmotic pressure due to non-absorbed lactose.
  • The area of microvilli is reduced, and consequently the potential of absorption too. A shortage of nutrients may occur, followed by growth retardation.
  • Irritation of crypt cells hinder the recovery of damaged microvilli. Gut bleeding may occur.


Pathogenesis of bacterial infections may partially differ from viral infection:


  • With bacterial infections toxins are released in the gut or in the tissue.
  • Mucin production may be blocked, reduced or increased. This effects the release of enzymes and the efficiency of digestion. Fermentation processes in different gut sections do not fit any longer.
  • Release of fluids to the gut will change osmotic conditions and important electrolytes are lost.




Appearance of infections


Calves are threatened by infections over the whole rearing period. Depending on the pathogen, diarrhea occurs at different weeks of life. Often, infections are not treated because antibiotics do not work against viruses or bacterial infections are overseen. Antibiotic treatment can be very efficient if it fits the target bacterium and if dosed in the right quantity. Unfortunately, all antibiotic treatments influence the natural microflora dramatically. The natural gut defense system is affected for several weeks or months thereafter.
The initial step of viral and bacterial protection is a strong innate defense system.




With an understanding of the pathophysiology of diarrhea, Innovad® Laboratories developed an oral paste that strengthens the barrier function, treats diarrhea and supports faster recovery.

Dosage and application

  • Introduce the syringe in the calf’s mouth and pump 15 ml.
  • Administer to calves with diarrhea or starting to show signs.
  • Administer daily for 3 consecutive days.
  • Novyrate® Calf is beneficial in case of signs of digestive upset, but also preventive during critical periods like weaning and feeding transition.
  • Before use or extension of use, contact your nutritionist
    for specific advice.

Novyrate Calf

Is a unique gut conditioner to prevent and hasten relief from diarrhea. Gut health management re-directs available energy and protein from inflammation processes to growth and rumen development.


Every single dose will supply
essential active components:

Natural anti-bacterial agents

  • Organic acids for antibacterial action.
  • Synergy with MCFA, for enhanced bacterial cell wall
    permeability and increased pathogens killing action.
  • Villi proliferation and faster recovery.

Herb extracts blend

  • Polyphenols that protect the enterocytes from
    further damage.
  • Essential oils that reduce inflammation and hypersecretion of gut.
  • Active ingredients that support clearance of endotoxins through the liver, thus faster recovery from fever and inappetence.

Adsorptive ingredients

  • Exotoxin adsorption to prevent further villi damage and to stop enteric overstimulation.
  • Endotoxin adsorption to prevent absorption into the body.


  • Highly absorbable and immediately metabolisable energy sources that give needed energy in periods of low feed intake.

To effectively rescue the animal
from the negative effects of diarrhea,
Novyrate® Calf was formulated
by Innovad® Laboratories
to address the different
pathophysiology of diarrhea.